Haste Makes Waste

I’ve been working furiously on the gray and white blanket. I have ten days to finish it. Frankly, this is a self-imposed deadline. It’s a gift for a relative who I’ll see next week and I would like to give it in person. Of course if it’s not done by then I will simply mail it. But since I know that I can finish the blanket on time I’ve put all my other projects on hold. 

The problem is that I’ve found a couple of mistakes in my work and that bugs me. Normally I will frog back half my project to fix a goof. I’m always sure that every one will notice the mistake and it will ruin the piece. I guess I’m sort of a perfectionist. 

But in the interest of time, I’ve chosen to leave the mistakes in. Can you see them?

This one is where I dropped a stitch, but when I tried to fix it, I worked from the wrong side. In other words, I put in a purl where it should have been a knit.

And I’m not sure what happened here. I think I goofed up a yarn-over. 

On the one hand I hate to think of giving someone a gift that is less than perfect. On the other hand the chance that the mistakes will even be noticed is pretty small. The blanket will still be beautiful and practical. So I’m leaving in the flaws. Because nobody is perfect. Certainly not me.

Knit on.