Summer is Here?

It’s chilly and windy outside today. I even turned on the heat for a while this morning. Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. 

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. I just stayed home to catch up on yard work and such, but really I was glad to be a home-body. It seems like all my weekends in May and June are taken up by a trip or party or something. So it was good to catch up on things at home.

I made some apricot jam. The fruit was from the farmer’s market and not my own trees this year.  But it sure looks yummy.

I planted some flowers.

The vegetable garden is doing well. Just look at those zucchini!

And of course I found time to knit. I made lots of progress on this blanket. I really like the pattern and the yarn, but I’m a little tired of it by now and I just want to finish it and move on to something else. 

One nice thing about the cooler temperatures is that it’s good knitting weather. Knit on!