Tuesday is Blog Day

I like routine. On Wednesdays I change the bed sheets and on Thursdays I vacuum. It keeps me from forgetting to do those things. So I’ve designated Tuesday as Blog Day. I usually start to think about what to write a day or two before, so that the idea is fully formed by the time I sit down to type it out. Not today. I don’t have a cute story or momentous news. Instead I will just tell you what I’ve been doing. 

My vegetable garden is planted and the watering system set up. 

I also have some seedings sprouting that I will plant in a few weeks.

I celebrated a birthday this weekend. There was a fun family barbecue and a cake. 

As far as knitting goes, the baby blanket is almost done.

One sock is finished and the second is cast on. 

And I finished two prototypes for some new mini Christmas stockings. As you can see, I’m going with a pet theme this year. 

That’s about it. Just keeping busy.  Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting for you next week. Knit on.