April Update

Can you tell what I’m knitting? Look carefully at the picture. OK? Got it? Now tell me, because I haven’t the slightest idea. I have so many projects going at once and so many more in my head that I have a hard time keeping them straight.

The good news is that the pink baby blanket is finished, wrapped, and on the way to its new owner. One WIP off the needles. 

I want to start the Seaside Heights top, but I’m still working on the blue socks, and I have to restrict myself to one personal project at a time. 

Most of my WIPs and project ideas are for my Etsy shop. I am constantly thinking of new pet- and Christmas-themed knits. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’ve just come up with the greatest idea ever, or the stupidest. I also keep going back and fine-tuning the previous ones. At some point I’ll just have to declare them ready. 

Then there will be photos to take and descriptions to write. I might even visit some local businesses to see if they would like to sell my knits. I’m also looking into craft fairs in my area. 

The prospect is a little scary for me. Wish me luck.