I’m Making Progress. Really.

I’ve been checking both knitting and non-knitting related things off my list at a respectable rate. And considering that I have yet another cold, I feel pretty good about that.

I got the yarn and pattern for my Seaside Heights Top last week. When I saw the pattern, I immediately liked it. I knew it would be easy to knit and fun to wear. But when I saw the pattern’s name, I had a flashback to my childhood. Seaside Heights, New Jersey was where my mother’s uncle lived. My family would would drive down to the shore to spend the day on the beach, have dinner with Uncle Bill, and then go to the boardwalk in the evening. Those were such wonderful memories. 

I can’t wait to start the top, but for me, more than three WIPs at once are too much, so I have to finish something else before I cast on.

Fortunately, the pink baby blanket for my friend’s granddaughter is almost complete. I just have a few rows on the last set of squares, and then the border. Good thing too, because the baby shower is coming up soon.

The designs for this year’s mini Christmas stockings are pretty well set. Soon it will be time to start producing them en masse.

And the socks are slowly coming along too. 

So hooray for checking things off the to-do list and creating a sense of accomplishment.

Knit On!