Like a Moth to a Flame

Our dogs always knew when there was a possibility of food. They could be asleep three rooms away, but if they heard me open the pantry door, they would be at my side in a flash. I’m like that with yarn. Just put the words “yarn” and “sale” together in a sentence and I will be there in an instant. I can’t help myself. Sales on shoes, clothes, or handbags have no effect on me. The only other thing that can make me move that fast is a sale at the garden center. And that’s where I found myself last friday.  I bought so many plants and bags of soil and bark that I had to borrow hubby’s SUV.  Now, the one advantage (if you can call it that) of a yarn sale is that you don’t need to have a plan for all the yarn you buy. You just stash it for the future, certain that you will find the perfect pattern. It doesn’t work that way with plants. They need to go in the ground pretty quickly. So I spent the weekend digging, aerating, planting, and mulching.  I finished up this morning, just in time to head back to the garden center for more plants. 

I have not neglected my knitting either. The craft yarn is working out very well and I am working on charting some designs for it. The baby blanket is coming along too. It’s an easy project to work on while I watch TV in the evening. And I’m almost finished with the first sock. I’m working on the toe decreases now. I’m very pleased at the way it fits too. 

And finally here are some springtime photos that I took this week. Knit on.