Challenge Accepted

Happy February everyone. Did you ever notice that poor February never gets any respect. If you ask someone what their favorite month is, almost no-one says “February!” But here in the Bay Area it’s the beginning of spring. The days are a little longer and warmer. Daffodils are starting to bloom and robins are hopping on the lawn. 

Knitting-wise I am trying something new this month. It’s called the Yarn Love Challenge on Instagram. I’m not very social media savvy, but I do Instagram and I wanted to post photos more frequently, so this seemed like a good fit. There is a different theme every day and it has helped me remember that there is more to knitting than the yarn and the pattern. 

Today the subject is “stripes” so here are some of my favorite striped knits. 

Oh, and I also finished my Hitchhiker shawlette yesterday. 

Happy almost-Spring.