The Creative Process

This week I feel like I haven’t accomplished much. But if frogging my work counts, then I’ve been very productive.

I have two projects in progress. The socks and blanket that I showed you last week. They are both coming along slowly but they look great. 

What’s slowing me down is a third project. I have some ideas for new Christmas themed knits for my Etsy shop. I’ve been writing notes, making sketches and drawing charts. But I’ve make so many false starts. The yarn didn’t have the right texture. The colors didn’t go together. 

I tried some finer yarn. That made it too small. So I changed the pattern to make it larger, but then the scale seemed off. It just wasn’t coming out to be the beautiful creation I had envisioned. 

So yesterday it was back to the craft store again to try some different yarn. 

Maybe the third time’s a charm.