It Never Rains but it Pours

I’ve been thinking about that phrase a lot lately. California has gone from drought to flood in a matter of few months. My backyard, dry and brown the last few years, now looks like a lake. But wet and dry years are just part of the cycle, and we have no control over what Mother Nature throws at us.

I could have controlled my recent knitting drought though. After I finished my most recent shawl, I looked at my UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I wasn't happy with the scarf if had started and frogged it. There was nothing else half done. I could start anything I wanted. My giant stash of yarn and all the patterns I wanted to try were just waiting. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

I chose some variegated blue sock yarn and a pattern with lace running down the side. I cast on, but soon I could see that the yarn was going to be too busy and colorful for such a delicate pattern. I frogged it. Then I tried a more simple pattern, but I couldn't get gauge with a size 2 needle. I frogged it. I looked for my size 1 needles but couldn’t find them anywhere. So what does a 21st century knitter do? She goes online and orders them with 2 day delivery. Problem solved. Right?

Meanwhile, I got a call from an old friend. She was going to be a grandmother. Her son and daughter-in-law were expecting their first child, a girl, this summer. I’ve know her son since he was a baby himself. So it seemed appropriate to make something special for the new arrival. 

But even in my giant stash of yarn I didn't have just what I needed. I couldn't find it at the store either. So again I went online and ordered exactly what I wanted. 

I was still waiting for the #1 needles. I got an email that said they were backordered. Now I had two different projects planned and couldn't start either one. It was a knitting drought.

While I waited I played around with some designs for projects for next Christmas to sell on my Etsy store. 

I went to a different yarn store and, miracle of miracles, they had the exact needles I wanted. I cast on the socks immediately. The gauge was perfect and the colors looked beautiful. 

Two days later the yarn for the baby blanket arrived. I cast on my new project. I loved the soft pink yarn and it took shape quickly on #9 needles. 

The knitting drought turned into a knitting flood.