Yarn Shaming

Fourteen days into the Yarn Love Challenge and I’ve managed to stick to it pretty well. Actually longer than some diets I’ve tried. So today’s subject is Yarn Love. An appropriate theme for Valentine’s Day. At first I was thinking that it was a simple subject with a simple response. Of course I love yarn. If I didn’t love yarn I wouldn’t be knitting. I would take up painting or something.

But the more I think about it the more complex it becomes. There are so many different kinds of yarn - different weights, different materials. And I like different aspects of each of them. Bulky weight yarn knits up fast, while lighter weights let you work in more details. Wool is warm, silk is smooth, and cotton is great for summer knits. 

But if you want to start a yarn war just mention synthetics. While some people love them because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to care for, other people will look down their noses and sniff at you and your obviously poor taste. 

That’s what happened to me when I went shopping for yarn to make a baby blanket for my niece who was expecting her first child. The pattern called for worsted weight and I wanted it in blue. And since she lives in Arizona I thought it should be light weight. But most of all it should be easy care. You can’t take a baby blanket to the dry cleaner, or hand wash and block it each time it gets soiled. 

I went to a cute little yarn store stuffed to the ceiling with dozens, maybe hundreds of different yarns. I wanted to take them all home. I described to the lady at the counter what I was looking for. And it would have to be nice and soft. Did she have anything in a cotton blend or a synthetic that would work?  She make a little choking noise. She showed me some beautiful soft cashmere. And some angora. Of course none of them were easy care and would have cost me over a hundred dollars. 

I left without buying anything. On my way home I stopped at Michael’s craft store. I bought a skein of Lion Brand Pound of Love in baby blue. The washing instructions said machine wash warm, tumble dry low. It cost $7.99. I’m not a yarn snob.

The blanket knit up beautifully. The yarn gave the pattern great definition and was soft and cuddly. My niece loved it. 

And by the way, that cute little yarn store went out of business.