Glad to be Home

I don’t like to make New Year’s resolutions as such. I like to think in a more positive way about plans and goals for the coming year. And one of my goals was to blog more often. So whatever you want to call it, I haven’t done too well so far.

But I have been knitting a lot. I started a pair of socks for myself. The first one is done and in order to avoid the dreaded “second sock syndrome” I immediately cast on for it’s mate. There has been a good amount of frogging but I’m about half done with it.

I also cast on for a shawl. (Sorry no pictures of that one yet.) I think I’m going to be very tired of #2 needles soon. I may have to find a project with worsted or even bulky weight yarn just to avoid eye strain.

A lot of this recent knitting has been done on planes and in airports. We just got back from a lovely trip to Arizona. This is how I pack. (Just joking.)

The weather was warm, dry and sunny. We made the plans weeks ago and there was no way we could have known that heavy rain and wind would be forecast for our home in California. It turned out to be perfect timing for a winter getaway. 

Still, it was nice to return home. The hills are green and the reservoirs are full. There will be plenty of water for my garden this summer. The sun just came out and look what it brought.