Blame it on Elvis

Whenever I try to do two things at once, one or both go terribly awry. I am in awe of people who can multi-task, especially when knitting is one of the tasks. The other day Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, posted a picture of herself walking and knitting a mitten. Gregory Patrick wrote in his Mad Man Knitting blog about dancing and knitting. And then there’s David Babcock, the Knitting Runner.

Usually when I knit I prefer quiet. It’s my peaceful time. Sometimes I have the ballgame on TV in the background. I lift up my head and look if it sounds like something exciting has happened. Sometimes I just listen to music. 

One day when I was feeling pretty perky (or maybe I’d just had too much coffee) the urge came over me to sing along with the music. I sing in the car all the time. Yes, I’m that crazy lady in the next lane. I put on The Best of Elvis. 🎶Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true…🎶 I was singing along.  🎶You ain’t nothing but a hound dog…🎶 My foot was tapping.  🎶Warden threw a party at the county jail…🎶 I was grooving to the music. And of course I dropped a stitch and lost track of my row. It took me 20 minutes to correct all the mistakes I had made in only ten. 

I really shouldn’t blame it on Elvis. I know my limitations. I will limit my singing to the car. Just give me a wave when you see me.