Wasting Time

Last night I looked at my to-do list and saw that I had added more things than I had crossed off. I hadn’t done any housework, no yard work, no errands. I hadn’t even made dinner. (Thanks for the Chinese take out, Sara and David.) What had I done? I thought for a minute. Well I took my son’s dog for a long walk in the morning. That was good. I picked out the tile for my kitchen floor. Good. And I did some knitting. Also good. But really, where did the rest of the day go? Then I remembered. I read a book. The whole thing. I couldn't put it down until I had finished. I immediately felt guilty. How could I waste so much time? Then I stopped myself. Since when is reading a book a waste of time? Sure we read all day. News, blogs, emails. But there is something about getting lost in someone else’s world that changes us and expands our own world.

Before I was an avid knitter I was an avid reader. Sometimes reading two or three books a week. I tried listening to audio books while I knitted, but it wasn’t the same. I made too many mistakes in my knitting. And then I would miss something in the story and have to go back. No, I’m not a good multi-tasker when it comes to knitting and reading. Besides, there is something about the written word. Seeing and hearing the characters in our minds. The shapes of the letters and words. Even the sometimes odd ways that words are spelled reflects their ancient roots. I hadn't realized how much I missed getting caught up in a book. 

Now there’s something else for my to-do list: read a book.