Double Time

For the longest time I would do anything to avoid double pointed needles. They were so clumsy. I would twist my cast-on and realize was knitting a mobius. The join between the needles always had a little gap. Somehow the resting needles would slip out.

I went out of my way to find an alternative. I would always go for circular needles if possible. I would knit flat and seam, even though I disliked seaming almost as much. I learned to knit in the round with two circulars, and made my first pair of socks that way. 

When I decided to make mini Christmas stockings for my Etsy store I realized that the only practical way was with double points. Yes, they felt awkward at first and I made a few mistakes. But now after I have made a couple dozen it feels completely natural. 

Now I’m thinking of all those patterns that I passed over because they required double points. I guess it’s not too late to go back and find them again.