Hello. I’m so glad you’ve found my page. This blog is going to be mostly about knitting, and a little bit about anything else I hope you might find interesting. I hope to update it regularly, so be sure to check back often. 

I love to knit and I knit most every day. Last winter I was wearing some of my scarves and received lots of compliments, and even some suggestions that I should sell some. I was flattered but didn’t really give it a thought. Then few months ago I decided that I would work on improving my knitting skills and try a little pattern designing. I was really pleased at how some of the items had turned out. My friend’s idea that I could actually sell something I had made kept rattling around in my head. I decided to go for it. I opened an Etsy store, and now you’ve found my website and blog. So please follow along while I jump into my new knitting adventure.

Carol M