The Neapolitan Blanket

My wonderful esthetician Kia is expecting her first child and is due in the fall. Of course I wanted to knit something for her baby girl so I browsed websites and books for just the right pattern. Hats and booties are quickly outgrown. Even the classic Baby Surprise Jacket will only fit for a season. For that reason I usually prefer to make blankets. They can be used for years and may even become the child’s special “blankie”.  

I chose a pattern with a diamond motif for worsted weight yarn. I was in the store looking for the yarn when my hand brushed across something amazingly soft. It was Bernat Baby Blanket, a super bulky chenille yarn. The colors looked like Neapolitan ice cream. It was fate. I was going to make the blanket from this yarn. But it was not going to work with my pattern. Change of plans. Time to find a new pattern. A little internet research turned up the In a Wink Baby Blanket, worked in garter stitch with stripes of varying sizes.  I bought another skein in vanilla and cast on. 

It worked up quickly on size 11 needles and the yarn was a pleasure to hold. But about a quarter of the way through I realized I had a problem. Each time I changed colors I cut the yarn, wove in the ends, and began the next color. But all the little ends were popping out. The yarn was so smooth and slippery that they wouldn't stay tucked. This wasn’t working. I was so disgusted that I shoved the project bag onto a shelf and started on something else. But I still needed to make a baby gift and the yarn was so beautiful...

Then I had one of those “Duh! Why didn't I think of that first?” moments. I should carry the yarn along the side instead of cutting it. So simple. I did some quick calculations and decided that I had enough left to manage it. 

The blanket turned out beautifully. I ran out of yarn at the very end and had to make it a couple of rows shorter than the pattern, but it was still a good size. Kia loved it and I hope her little girl will too.