Back to Normal

What a crazy, busy, fun, wonderful week. The preparations for Darling Daughter’s wedding were in full swing. There were place cards and centerpieces to make, logistics and transportation to figure out, and a final tidying up of the house and yard. 

On tuesday, just at the height of it all, my old espresso machine gave up the ghost. Horrors! Then I got my first big Etsy order of the season, which the client wanted shipped overnight. Somehow I managed to make it happen. 

The maid of honor arrived wednesday and took charge. Lists made and checked. Everything in order down to the last detail. 

Thursday was mani-pedis and bagging the guest’s favors while listening to the sound track of “Mama Mia!” because… well, why not?

Thursday evening our out-of-town guests started arriving. Our families are all over the US and it’s rare that we are all together at once. Since the last get-together there was a new baby and a new girlfriend to meet. Plenty of hugs, laughs, food, toasts and stories. Oh, the stories! Old stories retold and new stories added. The stories are our collective history. They tie us together and make past generations come alive again, if only in our minds. 

On friday more guests arrived with more hugs, laughs, food, toasts and stories.

Saturday was the big day. The weather was perfect. The ceremony was beautiful. The new couple simply glowed with happiness. And somehow I managed to hold it together with just a couple of sniffles and a single tear. The reception was a blast with great food and music. If there’s one thing our families know how to do, it’s how to have fun. 

Sunday morning the newlyweds left for their honeymoon. Some of our guests headed back home, too. Hubby and I spent time with the remaining guests. 

By monday everyone had left and it was clean-up time. I collected and returned things that we had borrowed or rented.  

Finally on tuesday everything was quiet. Hubby went into the office. My house looked like my house again. There were just some flowers and a pile of unopened gifts to remind me of the wedding. I was able to sit down and knit. I finished a hat that had been on the needles for way too long, and listed it on my Etsy shop. My new espresso machine arrived. Everything was back to normal.