The Days are Just Packed

The week started out in a heatwave. Summer’s last hurrah. Temperatures at 100 degrees and more. How could I even think of picking up some woolly yarn? I took out some cotton/silk yarn and goofed around with it, but my heart just wasn’t in it.  That kind of weather is not conducive to knitting. Or anything else really. 

But by midweek it had cooled a bit and I tried to make up for lost time. I cleaned the house, cooked some yummy meals, and made big progress on the knitting. I went to a great jazz concert with hubby, visited the doctor for my flu shot, and did some volunteer time at Guide Dogs for the Blind. I did some food shopping and yarn shopping. By friday afternoon I felt cruddy and exhausted. Maybe it was the flu shot, or maybe I just tried to do too much. All I wanted was some soup and an early bedtime. 

I hate feeling sick. Not just the being sick part, but the feeling useless part. I’m the one who is supposed to take care of other people, not the other way around. I constantly think about what I should be doing but can’t. 

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do. And a change in the weather. The temperatures dipped down into the 40s over night and I turned on the heat in the house. In the morning I took a long walk around the neighborhood, then I got out into the garden to pull out some of the summer vegetables and clean up fallen apples. I baked an apple crisp, and as the smell floated through the house, I stared a new hat for my Etsy store. It felt good to be busy again.